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About Us

Newpon IP Law Firm recognizes in today's aggressive and technology driven marketplace, clients often have needs that go beyond traditional legal advice. To address this, Newpon sees our role as more than just a provider of conventional attorney-client counseling. Rather, we strive to become "a partner for success" with our clients. To this end, Newpon seeks to meet the following objectives:

Attending Patent Attorny


SHIN-IKE Yoshiaki

Yoshiaki specializes in prosecution of registration proceedings for patents, in electronics and food processing, designs and trade marks. Yoshiaki also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in copyright and unfair competition prevention law.
Yoshiaki has over 10 years experience in development of coffee processing technology after graduation of Osaka University and also has over 10 years experience in legal department for Ajinomoto General Foods, Inc., a joint venture of Kraft Foods USA and Ajinomoto Japan.

Our Business Objectives

Newpon's first priority is to understand each client's business so that we can be a more complete resource. Newpon understands that without a good understanding of client's goals, important resources of the client can be unnecessarily wasted.

Newpon recognizes the need for clients to fully understand the intellectual property environment so informed decisions can be made. Newpon strives to ensure that clients have the requisite understanding and will take the proper time to educate clients.

With regard to start-up business ventures, Newpon appreciates what it takes to start a business and the importance of expertise beyond intellectual property law. Newpon works hard to maintain a network of resources having such expertise to assist our clients with other needs.

Newpon strives to maintain cost-effectiveness in providing intellectual property services. Newpon is careful to keep clients informed of costs and to provide realistic options for the clients.


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