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Our Services

Newpon commits services to protect and utilize rights with regard to intellectual properties of clients to the full as a professional of intellectual property law in Japan.
Above all, for small capital or venture companies who cannot afford to have an intellectual property department or section by yourselves, Newpon will supply you out-sourcing services in intellectual properties or legal affairs to leverage your intellectual property, essential source of energy for growth.

Contents of our services
  • Prosecution of patents, utility models, designs and trade marks;
  • Execution for license negotiation on an intellectual property right;
  • Opinion letter on conflict nature with regard to a patent right or its validity;
  • Advice on treatment of employees' inventions;
  • Out-sourcing service in intellectual properties or legal affairs and/or enlightenment to in-house education.

Since Japan adopts principle of registration in intellectual property laws, except for copy right, such as a patent law or a trade mark law, trade marks or service marks in addition to new inventions and designs are principally protected as patents or registered trade marks after registered with a register of the Japan Patent Office.

If your new inventions, which are developed laboriously with much effort, are imitated by competitors, you will become disadvantageous in competition against the competitors who employ the inventions with no expense or time for the development.

In addition, it is conceivable that your business will become in difficulty in case that a confusing mark or brand which is the same as or similar to yours is used by someone else with regard to similar goods or services to yours.

On the contrary, if someone else firstly acquires an intellectual property right with regard to the same or similar invention to yours or a similar mark or brand to yours, you possibly will come in to stop the implementation or use of them.

In order to prevent from becoming situations above and to continue your business securely in Japan, it is important to do the procedure for registration of patents or trade marks with the Japan Patent Office.
We have prepared affordable Schedule of Fees.

Please send an e-mail request to to file applications for patents, utility models, designs, trade marks or service marks.


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