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Welcome to the Web site of Newpon IP Law Firm. This site was founded by SHIN-IKE Yoshiaki, a patent and trade mark attorney for Japan.

This site provides information about our office and intellectual properties including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and the unfair competition prevention law of Japan. Resources include comprehensive links, general information, space for professionals and forums for discussing related issues.

SHIN-IKE Yoshiaki
Registered patent attorney
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Intellectual Property is the intangible asset associated with a person or a company's goodwill or ideas. Goodwill can be defined as the mental propensity for a customer to revisit or maintain a long term relationship all due to that entity's reputation. Ideas are comprised of an entity's techniques, discoveries, product names, methods, and knowledge base. The intellectual property law gives a person or a company a form of monopoly on the use of these intangible assets. These intangible assets are commonly referred to as patents, trade marks, trade dress, copyrights, and trade secrets.
We can provide the applicable protections for patents, trade marks, designs, copy rights, and trade secrets.

Outline of the Japanese Trade Mark System

NEWPON will attend INTA 2017 annual meeting in Barcelona.

Started to file applications for nontraditional marks such as color, sound, motion, hologram, and position marks in April 2015 in Japan. This will enable brand owners to convey their brand messages in more diverse ways and seek the same protection in Japan as they have been afforded in other jurisdictions regarding these nontraditional marks. Moreover, brand owners will be able to use the Madrid Protocol system to protect their marks in multiple jurisdictions, including Japan.


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